Personal development workshop for women

*RenewYou is an international one-day personal development programme for women …that lasts a year.

The programme provides women with the space, time and structure to reflect and think about what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. It leaves them with renewed vigour and energy to make positive, lasting change in their lives.

The programme lends itself to organisations wishing to grow their pipeline of women into senior roles. It has a track record of success and is used by major UK organisations like the Police, NHS, News UK, and Bouygues (a huge French construction company), to name a few. The programme has also been delivered in the US, Greece, and Australia.

It is perfect as a refresher or introduction within organisations that have a women in leadership programme and works well alongside existing initiatives. Uniquely, it works at every level in business from support staff to executive senior managers.

All course participants receive a specially designed journal intended to stay with the participant for 12 months, keeping them motivated to achieve their goals through weekly self-guided exercises and inspirational stories of successful career women.

* Purposeful Woman runs programmes in affiliation with the UK-based organisation, Changing People.



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