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Empowering a future generation of confident women and men through career, life and mental wellness education

It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education.
Those who do not believe this have small imaginations.

~ Nelson Mandela
How we raise the future generation of women and men is really important when it comes to ensuring that their confidence levels are not inhibited from an early age. The way we talk and relate to girls and boys in their formative years shapes their view of themselves as the grow up and consequently the way they show up in the world, and ultimately in the workplace.
As a mother, a woman and a proud citizen of South Africa, I’m concerned about the youth of our country. I worry that we are not providing them with enough education and information to navigate their teenage years with confidence and with resilience.

The research speaks for itself:

  • In South Africa, one in four university students suffer from depression, according to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).
  • Teenagers aged 15 – 19 are most at risk for suicide
  • Girls attempt suicide more than boys at a ratio of 3:1
  • Various studies in the US show that by the time they get to university, girls are far more anxious, depressed and insecure than boys. Their need to be perfect and succeed is starting to become a mental wellness issue.
  • Through the work that I do and the converstions I’ve had, I’ve realised that some youngsters are aware of just five career choices available to them. This is shocking, considering we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
How can we help build resilience and self-confidence in young people so they are able to cope better and have a real sense of their own self-worth?

With the intention of making a difference in the lives of young girls and boys across South Africa I have published a book, Soar!, aimed at high-school learners that gives them valuable information they can use to make decisions about their futures.
Not all learners have access to WiFi or unlimited data to research careers, therefore a printed book seemed most practical. In addition, a number of tools included in the book require the learners to physically write or draw in the book.
Note: currently, only the girls’ book is available, the boys’ book is in production.

What the book covers:
Insight into 50 exciting careers, from the perspective of the young women who are pursuing them.

  • Interviews with women who’ve made it in predominantly ‘male’ careers
  • Useful links and guidelines on tertiary education
  • Practical articles to prepare for ‘life in the real world’
  • Exercises and tips for developing potential
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10% of the proceeds of every RenewYou will be donated to the Soar Youth Development Foundation to purchase books to donate to an underprivileged high-school

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