Empowering a future generation

of confident women through [puberty] education

How we raise the future generation of women is really important when it comes to ensuring that their confidence levels are not inhibited from an early age. The way we talk and relate to boys and girls in their formative years shapes their view of themselves as the grow up and consequently the way they show up in the world, and ultimately in the workplace.

The two YouTube videos below demonstrate the impact of the words ‘like a girl”. Proctor & Gamble’s Always (pads) is driving a campaign to change the limiting beliefs that are created in young girls when terms such as “you ‘throw like a girl’, ‘run like a girl’, ‘hit like a girl’” are directed at them. Have a look at these:


#LikeAgirl – Unstoppable

P&G in affiliation with The Footprints Foundation runs a programme called Always Keeping Girls in School (AKGIS). For many girls from impoverished backgrounds, the onset of puberty marks not only a decline in confidence, but also a decline in school attendance, and could lead to dropping out of school completely. One of the reasons for this high drop-out rate is the lack of sanitary protection and lack of knowledge around puberty. The programme aims to:

  • Provide young school girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with a holistic understanding of the intricacies surrounding puberty and the effects it will have on their bodies and lives
  • Focuses on puberty education, the provision of sanitary towels, HIV/AIDS awareness, mentorship and career guidance.

The programme has been running for 10 years in both Kenya and South Africa. You can see more about the AKGIS programme here:



We have a responsibility to ensure that our daughters, nieces, and any young girl we have a relationship with, will grow up knowing that she is can achieve anything she sets her sights on and is unstoppable! After all, confident and empowered girls, grow up to be confident and empowered women.

10% of every RenewYou workshop will be donated to the Footprints Foundation towards the AKGIS initiative.

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