Purposeful Woman: Yvonne Perumal

I'm very privileged to work with amazing women in my corporate caree r. Yvonne is the Divisional Director: Group Legal Services at the Liberty Group. She's an admitted attorney with over fourteen years progressive professional experience in the financial services industry. She is as beautiful as she is educated: she holds a Masters in Law, a Certif...
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Purposeful Woman: Tanya Kabalin

In addition to being a loving wife and mom to two beautiful children, Tanya is an accomplished and inspiring leader with 20 years international experience in sales, marketing, strategy, portfolio and supply chain management gained from the operational 'front line' to Board level. Before starting her own consulting business, Olakira (Pty) Ltd, Tanya...
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Purposeful Woman: Tendani Mantshimuli

Tendani Mantshimuli is a career woman, economist, mother, friend, mentor and an inspiration. As a young woman, she was interested in becoming a Botanist. However, economics appealed to her at her University orientation week … and the rest as they say, is history. She was one of the first female African economists to sit in the newsroom and provide ...
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