my name is Despina Senatore. Until recently, like most people, I meandered through life, simply following the path in front of me without much reflection. Then, in 2015, life handed me an extremely challenging incident. It caused me to question my purpose in this life and, ultimately, led me to this point.


Being a working mom, my biggest challenge is navigating the role of ‘mommy’ successfully and being a good wife and career woman too. I find that, like most women, there is never enough time in the day to do everything (where are those manuals they were each supposed to be born with?!), I could probably be doing a better job in all these areas (oh, the guilt!) and the needs of others always come first.


I have worked in the financial services industry for over 17 years in various roles and have had exposure to multiple work environments; I believe that this has vastly contributed to my success and growth. However, over the years I realised that my passion lies in people development, and specifically in helping women find their true potential.

With three children under the age of 6, I have personal insight into the challenges of balancing a corporate job with being a wife and mother. Support mechanisms, like the Mothers’ Room I helped establish at the listed company I work for, are a huge help. Equally important are encouragement and coaching from someone who understands both the emotional and the logistical challenges involved.


The journey that led me to start Purposeful Woman is a personal one, and one I hope will inspire the women who hear it. Every time I see the light turn back on in the women who attend my workshops, I’m reminded of why I’m passionate about what I do. I hope that you too will find some inspiration reading through the content of this website.

Despina xx

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